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Vote to Get Us Money So We Can Teach Kids Cool Stuff

We submitted a proposal to the Project:Connect Summer Youth Programming project –  Project:Connect promotes connected learning and a more equitable, social and participatory web.  We want to help kids learn how to be responsible Minecraft citizens, and make and share 3D designs on Thingiverse,

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June’s Monthly Meeting

The Sector67 monthly meeting was on Tuesday, June 4th.   1. Tom, a professor at MATC, brought with him a drone built by he and his students in a collaborative effort.   The hardware and software of the drone is

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Gruesome Playground Injuries

Theatre in All the Wrong Places, one of Madison’s newest theatre companies, put on a performance of their original production Gruesome Playground Injuries at Sector67. As their mission statement notes, one of the troupe’s primary goals is to “explore non-traditional performance venues,”

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Sherman Arcade Extravaganza

Sector67 is proud to have collaborated with Sherman Middle School, iona and wuntusk to create the first ever Sherman Arcade Extravaganza. Over 100 Sherman Middle School students participated, spending months on their arcade game creations made of string, cardboard and a

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Sector67 is a non-profit collaborative space in Madison, WI dedicated to providing an environment to learn, teach, work-on, build, and create next generation technology; including software, hardware, electronics, art, sewing, metalwork, apps, games, etc. If you’re in southern Wisconsin feel

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Whirlpool Turbidity Sensor

In the course of one of our Makership Projects, we needed a water turbidity sensor.  Of course a new sensor was prohibitively expensive, but eBay pointed us towards inexpensive dishwasher sensors.  We ended up purchasing a Whirlpool Turbidity Sensor, part

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Big 3D Printer Complete!

I’ve finally finished (more or less) building a very large 3D printer! Here’s a photo of the frame: This machine was originally designed to test the blood of newborn babies for pathogens, and with the help of Chris Meyer and

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Electric Porsche Conversion

Well it didn’t technically explode, but the engine died. And is ridiculously expensive to rebuild so this is the perfect opportunity to turn it into a new project. Making it into an electric car! The engine is currently getting ripped

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The Ultimaker is working!

We finally got the Ultimaker working

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Build Madison Inspiration to Reality

Jamie has been working since the Build Madison hosted at Sector67 in September 2012 on his concept for a bicycle pulled kitchen in Houghton Michigan.  He’s moved from a “napkin sketch”, in this case meaning a small scale LEGO brick

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November Updates – Record Bowls

If everyone on your Christmas list is sick of getting random engraved pieces of junk from the laser cutter you can always make them a sweet record bowl (not recommended for soup or other hot liquids). We vacuum formed ours

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November Updates – Laser Cutter

Our new laser cutter. It can do some pretty cool things like engraving this granite or this glass or any other junk you have lying around. We group bought this we the Detroit Hacker Space and got them shipped to us directly

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