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A Kalahari Christmas

After Erin took me on a ski trip to Salt Lake City for Christmas 2010, I was far behind in the Christmas Karma. For 2011 I planned to take her to a resort in Wisconsin Dells, which is sort of like

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Zmodo 16 Channel DVR

After seeing Pumping Station One’s implementation of a space utilization monitor and the cheap listing on, we decided to invest in a 16 channel DVR camera system. The system is advertised as having a Linux based OS with a

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Laser Display

For the past few weeks I’ve been working in spare time on a project that I originally did in high school. I wanted to resurrect it so that I could possibly take it to schools and give demonstrations. However, another opportunity has

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Art and the Arduino

It is a strange sight, like a snapshot of an Olympic swimming competition taken from below. Five swimmers, frozen in position, pulse with life. A light from each swimmer’s heart beats and illuminates the swimmer briefly. As the heart’s light

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Machine Shop Panorama

Todd was testing out his 3D printed panorama tripod mount for his camera and came up with this awesome shot of our machine shop:

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Seat Belt Bicycle Tire Upgrade

I was sick of getting flat bicycle tires, so on reading a few seat belt bike tire liner tricks online, I was ready to give it a shot. Having a few donor seat belts (that also found their way onto

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Member Projects – Chicken Coop Door and Bicycle Generator

Chicken Coop Automatic Door: Rather than paying several hundred dollars for an automatic door system, Larry and Carol created a smart door by using junk around Sector67. The final product is composed of an expensive looking Swiss DC motor, some

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Train Detecting Automatic Window Closer

A Sector67 member has the fortune to live in a really cheap apartment – only after the lease was a long signed and summer set in did it finally dawn on him why rent was cheap – those parallel steel

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Power Wheels Running

The car was built in 2 days, but tweaking took a few weeks. . . We’ve got 2.5 HP worth of propulsion and a Lithium Ion battery to boot!  Everything seems to be working, it’ll soon be sitting comfortable in

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Week(s) in Updates:

Yes, we’ve again lost a week towards the end of the month, this seems to happen every month but no worries – just makes for a longer post: Lots going on this week, we finally got a machine mounted near

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High Speed Camera

One of the members owns a Casio EX-F1 that can shoot 600 and 1200 FPS video so of course we were hunting up things to shoot in slow motion: One of the most interesting was watching the Makerbot jump all

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Casting Update

There’s been a lot of interest in our aluminum casting efforts.  We’ve stepped things up to our first lost foam casting exercise that ultimately resulted in failure with a lot of learning in the process: Using a foam blank machined

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