Sector67 Success Stories: Snowshoe Stamps

Loyalty cards are great, they are a great way to earn free stuff, until you lose them or leave them at home. Snowshoe Stamp is helping solve that problem. Snowshoe stamp is a simple and inexpensive way to authenticate transactions using your smartphone. This technology isn’t restricted to just IPhone users, it is compatible with Android phones and all devices that recognize 5 simultaneous touches. The stamp is a simple aluminum block with 5 uniquely placed points that when touched to your smartphone recognizes the business and gives the person a stamp on a punch card or deal. Snowshoe stamp is also integrating with social media; users can chose to tweet or post where they are in order to earn more rewards.

This growing company is considered one of the hot startups in Madison. Snowshoe Stamps has 8 employees and has recently raised a substantial amount of capital. Without the help of Sector67 Snowshoe Stamps wouldn’t be where it is today according to CEO Claus Moberg. Snowshoe Stamps started out making apps for grocery stores that would function similarly to the old Copps card. However, this proved to be very expensive so they came up with a new idea, using smartphones to keep track of punch card purchases. They knew what they wanted to do but had no idea how to go about making it and decided to contact Sector67. After working with Chris for several hours they left Sector67  no only knowing how to use the CNC mill but also with a functioning prototype that they presented to investors later that evening.

Sector67 provided Snowshoe Stamps with a place to prototype at a very affordable cost and the expertise they needed to make their ideas a reality. Snowshoe’s CEO sees Sector67 as continuing to be a very valuable asset to the Madison community and many more startups utilizing its resources.

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