Makership Submissions Update!


There were many great ideas submitted by area youth for the Makership summer scholarship. Ideas ranged over a broad spectrum from household appliances to robotics. Many applicants were interested in building some sort of robot with a variety of features like sensors and remote controls along with learning about circuits. A couple of applicants were also interested in designing their own Theo Jansen bike. Others were interested in creating projects to help solve problems around the house like clearing smoke out of a room, pill dispensing, using solar energy and baking. Many applicants were interested in creating projects that reflected their hobbies and interests such as a telescope, a video game, a go cart and a video project. Despite the wide range of interests all the applicants were very eager to learn and take their idea to the next level. We’ll be reviewing applications and notifying recipients of the Makership scholarships in the next week.  Thanks to everyone who applied, unfortunately we don’t have funding available for all of the applications but we’ll do our best to find additional support in the next week 🙂

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