LiveCode Summer Camp

Larry Walker will be leading a LiveCode Summer Camp at Sector67 next week.

What is LiveCode?
* a drag & Drop GUI-builerd tool, great for prototyping or for deployed applications
* a super-simple English-like programming language
* the shortest learning curve to writing iOS and Android apps, beats Objective-C hands down for ease of learning
* a great tool for whipping out quick & dirty hacks, to automate annoying hobby or work tasks
* a great way to put a GUI-interface on your Arduino projects, Arduino does the digital/analog I/O and LiveCode makes it user-friendly

What is the LiveCode Summer Camp?
A chance for parent/child teams learn to program in LiveCode, in an informal setting. Five half-days of short-videos, quick lessons, group lab exercises, and individual projects. Work on the “buddy system” and continue to use the trial license together at home after the camp ends.
We’ll cover the basics of using the LiveCode development tools, some introductory programming techniques, and a bunch of LiveCode tricks-of-the-trade that will let you do amazing applications with ease.

For more information or to enroll, email Larry Walker:

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