Week in Updates

Joe was featured on Thingiverse for a revision of a popular printed gear heart:

A epoxy coated beaded spool table was sanded down to get a nice rounded off edge:

Work began on the electrical solution to a bicycle blender for Dream Bikes:

With the mechanical contingent’s blender design already nearly finished:

The mill was caught “making chips” for a new 4’x4′ router/cutter build in progress (and the machine shop was busy):

The pathway towards enlightenment (or maybe just a better system of learning) was being plotted out on the giant whiteboard:

Lots of learning in the TIG welding class:

The Makerbot was kept busy creating clones of itself by printing more Wade’s Extruders:

And more importantly, a Victrola horn for the iPhone4:

The Victrola horn led to some experimentation with ABS glue, also known as acetone with dissolved ABS bits which works remarkably well:

A little flame goes a long way when it comes to testing out a new gas fired kiln for aluminum casting:

Alex stopped out with a Mandli Communication’s survey van to pick up some electronics components we stock:

We finally got back into the swing of casting, with the casting cart complete and a new smaller kiln to accommodate up to 10# pours we’re ready to go:

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