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Yes, it’s been a while, hope you don’t feel terribly neglected at the lack of updates 🙁

Lots of cool things going on as always:

A tesla coil in need of a few tweaks showed up and its spare transformer quickly became a Jacob’s Ladder:

City of Madison shut down due to a snow emergency?  No problem, stop out at Sector67:

What might you ask is special about the parts remaining in the box?  They’re all non-ferrous and that big green C-shaped object is a huge electromagnet (

What happens when software programmers have too many tools that they know how to use?  They prototype their new game ideas in real life to get a feel for how things really should work _before_ they create them virtually:

Some ancient Apple hardware boots right up after the floppy OS disk was found:

Sector67 receives a new 800MHz PIII router (a welcome upgrade after a  MadHackerHaus meltdown):

I’m occasionally asked what random things I run into when I come into work at a hackerspace, this would be one of them:

Note the excessive number of levels and pile of shims?  Yes, our floor is that bad. . . (2″ rise over 12′)

Couple of cool prototypes getting closer:

Entirely built out of cardboard, rubber bands, and servos:

Little bit of welding; oxy-acetylene and MIG:

Headphone cord repair:

Razor electric scooter got a new lease on life, the rear solid tire was so badly out of round from skidding that it needed a good resurfacing:

And of course conventional nerding out:

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