June Meeting in Pictures

If you’re wondering what a meeting looks like, Dan took some awesome pictures at the June meeting:

James demonstrated his directional speaker:

Dave demonstrated his 3D printed door catch
Mark covered the finer points of Nokia batteries for the GGHC:

Tim demonstrated the anemometer:

Joe covered the GGHC electronics and his freshly working RepRap:

Carol sifted through and organized the overwhelmingly large bin of wall-warts to finally find the one she needed:

Miles demonstrated his Xbox 360 controller modifications:

Dave espouses on the wonders of CNC milling terrain as the culmination of a 10 year long project:

Mark checks out some freshly etched circuit boards:

Larry discusses the status of the bus display system (running from SMSMyBus):

See you at the July 5th meeting! Thanks Dan for the great shots 🙂

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