Week in Projects

This week in projects:

  • Attempted to rescue a hard drive with a bad controller, received exact replacement controller from online seller and swapped EEPROM but no luck
  • Repaired the knee lift on the newer Webb Champ milling machine, a few buttons met their demise after being soaked with cutting fluid a few too many times.  Donor parts were found in the switches bin
  • A LEGO car/plane found its way out to the benches, complete with vegetation and a giant cannon:
  • A light went nuclear and smoked the transformer oil (and popped the 20A breaker)
  • Last but not least, an open whiteboard design was built and tested, using 3 – 1″ 80/20 extrusions and 2 – 4×8′ sheets of melamine a giant, professional looking, reversible whiteboard can be built for ~$100 versus several hundred online
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One comment on “Week in Projects
  1. Guinevere says:

    Hmm, as the creator of the Lego object, I had a spaceship in mind and clearly I failed at conveying that:P Anyways, thanks for noticing the vegetation:-D




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