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What's going on in Sector67 right now!


Interested in stopping out? Please check the calendar to see if we're open or call 608-241-4605 to see if someone is willing to give a tour.


Sector67 is a Community Workspace / Hackerspace / Makerspace / Collaborative Environment in Madison, WI dedicated to providing members the opportunity to work on tomorrow's technology; to build, collaborate, learn, and teach about next generation devices.

Artist? Engineer? Programmer? Sculpturer? Tinkerer? Hobbiest? RC Enthusiast? Maker? Builder? Prototyper? Business Person? Thinker? Visionary? Entertainer? Designer? Writer? Hacker? - We'd like to give you a place to work and discover new ideas.


We have a little over 8500 square feet at 2100 Winnebago St (Atwood Neighborhood on the near east side), feel free to stop out during hours posted on the calendar or call 608-241-4605 to see if anyone is here. Full memberships are 100/month, 50/month for college students. This membership gives you access to the space, tools, and equipment you've been trained to use. We offer a la carte classes for more sophisticated equipment like welders, mills, lathes, 3D printers; and require a shop safety/orientation class to keep the insurance companies happy and you safe. Most classes are (roughly) flat rate 20/hour.

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Office Space

Looking for a great environment to launch your business? Sector67 is leasing desk space in a shared office environment for 200/month (cost includes a membership) for a 7' x 7' dedicated workspace. We also have 4' dedicated desks for 150/month (cost includes a membership). Amenities include parking, "land line" telephone, wired/wireless internet, access to a conference room, business mailing address, over 320 square feet of whiteboard, full workshop/machine shop access, and the potential to collaborate with other Sector67 members to get your business moving forward. Contact us to set up a tour and to learn more about the benefits of working from Sector67.


Yes, we do have co-working space available anywhere in the shop or meeting spaces. We offer first come, first serve day-to-day workspace whenever key-carrying full members are present. Co-working membership includes internet access and the opportunity to pull up a seat where space is available; cost is currently 30/month and requires automatic payment (ACH, bill pay, or PayPal) - please contact us if you're interested in learning more about this opportunity.


We have lots of equipment, it's not all listed here.


We have some metal/plastic/wood stock, an organized selection of a wide range of hardware, tons of electronics components (including LCD screens, Arduinos, LEDs, etc.), discarded commercial and industrial equipment to be repurposed, and lots of consumer products including giant boxes of wall-warts, power cords, DB9/DB25 cables, USB cables, ethernet cables, etc. Materials are avaiable to members at cost of our acquisition, non-members at a mark-up.


Chances are it's in here otherwise send an e-mail, catch us at a meeting or in person and we'd be happy to answer it.

Do I have to pay to be involved with Sector67? I'd really like to help but I don't have any money!!!

NO, you do not have to pay to be involved at all. We'll be offering events to the general public, but to use any tools or equipment you'll have to be a paying member.

What if I'm nowhere near Madison but still interested?

Use the Google forum to keep in touch and talk about your projects.

I'm XX old, can I still get involved?

Yes, we're open to all ages. If you're under 18 your parents will have to sign some forms and be present when you're working here, if you're over |/ censored/| we'd love to have you by as well :-)

I've got this thing . . .

Yes, we'll do our best to help you; if it's a scheme to build a perpetual motion machine, some thing with magnets, some thing with ceramics, some thing with nano-particles; or something combining these into a perpetual-magnet-powered-ceramic-bearing-nano-machine we might shake our heads a little longer but we'll still try.

Anybody know anything about . . .

Yes :-) Post to the Sector67 google group and I'm sure someone would be happy to help!

But, you didn't get to my question yet!?!

We said everything was answered in here, really, are you sure? I guess there's a chance, send it over. . .?